Caesar Guerini Australia Pit Stop Program Conditions


  1. With your Caesar Guerini purchase, you will receive 4 FREE Pit Stops.
  2. Your first Pit Stop must be taken within the first 2-years of purchase. Every subsequent Pit Stop must be taken within a 2-year period from previous Pit Stop date, but no less than 1 year apart from the last.
  3. The service includes parts & labour but no cosmetics. Re-bluing, stock refinishing and other services can be supplied at a quoted price.
  4. The Pit Stop program is only available for Caesar Guerini shotguns imported by SH Shooting.
  5. The Pit Stop agreement is transferable should you sell the shotgun.
  6. The Pit Stop Program DOES NOT replace the Factory Warranty. Correct adherence to the Pit Stop program may extend your warranty for the life of the program, as per the conditions of the original warranty.
  7. You must pay to have your Caesar Guerini shipped to SH Shooting or its approved repairer, including insurance and SH Shooting will pay for the return shipping after the completion of each Pit Stop. Allow approx. 30 days for your Pit Stop.
  8. Pit Stops may be available at selected major carnivals/events. Cosmetic work will not be possible at these events.
  9. SH Shooting reserves the right to refuse to work on mis-treated or damaged Caesar Guerini’s and to charge a fee outside of the conditions of the Pit Stop Program. Chokes are not covered by the Pit Stop Program.
  10. SH Shooting reserves the right to alter the conditions of the Pit Stop Program at any time.